James Llewelyn Jones


James Llewelyn Jones B Mus (Hons) M Mus

Musical Director & Conductor

James was born in New Zealand and raised in Montgomeryshire. is passion for choral singing was enriched as a member of the National Youth Choirs of Wales and Great Britain; His musical education continued in Birmingham, where he gained his B Mus (Hons) and M Mus degrees with distinction.

He has worked with some of the world’s leading children’s choirs in Chicago and Toronto, spent 11 years conducting the National CHildren’s Choir of Great Britain and was involved in the formation of the National Children’s Training Choir GB as well as Dulce Corum (the National Girls’ Chamber Choir). He was also the conductor of Canzonetta Children’s CHoir of Manchester – formerly the internationally acclaimed Manchester Boys’ Choir.

Since 2006, James has been the Musical Director of the Birmingham Canoldir Male Choir, and took on new challenges in 2017 when he was appointed as the MD of the Rhos Male Voice Choir – it had been a childhood dream of his to lead one of the top Welsh choirs. Based in the small village of Rhosilanerchrugog with around 9,000 inhabitants, RHos has become widely acknowledged as one of the best of its kind in the country. James became the Musical Director of Phoenix Singers in March 2014 and later that year he also became the Musical Director of the Midlands Hospitals’ Choir.

When he’s not conducting or singing himself, he teaches singing in various schools to both individuals and groups.

In 2017, James was excited to be going to the Coldplay concert in Cardiff in July, but the got an amazing request to sing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (the National Anthem of Wales) at the end of the concert. The following day, Coldplay asked him to do it all again alongside actor Rob Brydon. What an amazing, magical experience!

He is also associated with:

  • European Union Children’s Chorus (Hungary)
  • Senior Choirs and Chamber Choir of Edgbaston High School for Girls
  • Birmingham Four Counties Youth Choir
  • Wales (Vocal Tutor)
  • Youth Music Great Britain (Vocal Tutor)
  • National Association of Choirs (Choral Clinician & Workshop Leader)
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